Cookery Spotlight: A Week of Stirring Slowly

Looking for a pre-summer batch of revitalising recipes? We can offer the perfect solution. Georgina Hayden’s free ebook A Week of Stirring Slowly is published today and features seven recipes to set you up for a full week of proper cooking. It’s also completely free – see below on how to download.

This sample was created in-house using exclusive recipes and images. This free mini ebook pre-empts the full publication of Stirring Slowly: Recipes to Restore and Revive (June 2016), Georgina’s debut cookbook which delves into the joys of spending time in the kitchen, selecting the right ingredients and investing in food’s power to rejuvenate ourselves.

Blueberry and Honey Wholemeal Dutch Baby
Blueberry and Honey Wholemeal Dutch Baby

As the screenshots demonstrate, the ebooks are designed to reflect the print editions and include stunning high-res images. Plus there’s the convenience of having the cookbook on your smartphone when you’re wandering around a supermarket, getting ingredients. The recipes in A Week of Stirring Slowly take the reader from breakfast to baking, with each recipe corresponding to a different day of the week. Who wouldn’t be tempted to make the fascinating-sounding Thousand Layer Ginger Cake?

Thousand Layer Ginger Cake
Thousand Layer Ginger Cake

Georgina is a cook, food writer and stylist from North London, whose love of travel and passion for visual arts transposes effortlessly to her recipes and pristine presentation. She is also one of Jamie Oliver’s team of trusted right hands in the kitchen and has worked with him for almost ten years. If you take a quick peek at Georgina’s Instagram page, you’ll see straight away her ability to capture beautiful details and to make outrageously delicious food. Also check out her exclusive first interview with The Happy Foodie, in which Georgina discusses proper Greek halloumi and the importance of hand-me-down recipes from her yiayia (grandma). She also details how to create a cookbook, from recipe tweaking all the way through to testing.

In the taster ebook, Georgina writes: ‘for me the food I eat, and the very act of getting that food on the table is hugely meaningful. Whether I have had a brilliant day or a not so good one, I want food that will be a highlight.’ And this comes across so clearly in her writing and cooking: Georgina is invested in creating recipes that celebrate the physicality of working in the kitchen. The title itself speaks volumes about the difference careful cooking makes.



Download your free copy of A Week of Stirring Slowly from our fellow ebookers: Google Play, the Kobo store, Sainsbury’s, Apple via iTunes or Amazon.

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Cookery Spotlight: A Week of Stirring Slowly
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