Apple unveil new Macbook

Apple has announced the latest iteration of their MacBook line simply called ‘MacBook’ available in silver, gold, and space grey. The new model measures 12 inches, fitting directly between the two current MacBook Air models and uses Intel’s mobile Core M processors. Considering this lightweight processor has to power Apple’s 2304 x 1440 Retina display it will be interesting to see how it holds up under the strain from more power hungry applications.

Weighing just 0.92kg and with a thickness of 131mm this is the lightest and thinnest MacBook Apple have ever produced. In order to facilitate this size and weight they have forgone most of the ports you would expect to see on the Air and Pro lines.


You will only see two ports on the new MacBook, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a new USB-C connection. This is no great surprise as it was reported that Apple contributed significantly to the development of the USB-C standard with some sources even suggesting they outright invented it. This connection can be used to charge the MacBook as well as a data port that doubles the data transfer speed of the current USB 3.0 standard.

Force Touch

Apple has also introduced a new trackpad on the MacBook called Force Touch. Despite the Star Wars-esque name it does not yet support midichlorians or wavy hand motions. Instead Force Touch is four pressure sensors attached to a set of electromagnets seated underneath the trackpad which provide haptic feedback to the user through a series of vibrations, depending on how hard you press. Pressing slightly harder than usual will enable ‘Force Click’ which is Apple’s version of the double click and can be used to Quick Look at files, scrub through video faster and look up words. The uses for Force Click will grow as developers get hold of the new technology and integrate it into their applications.


Apple will come with OSX Mavericks installed as standard with all the applications pre-installed that we’ve come to expect, including iBooks.


As with most Apple products the new MacBook does not come cheap – models start at £1,049.

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