Cookery Spotlight: How to Eat Outside

How to Eat Outside came across my desk a couple of weeks ago. Normally, I have little to do with cookery titles, which suits me fine. An infrequent cook at best, I prefer a style of cooking that is simple, yet tasty and is unconcerned with fads such as kale and skinny deserts (what’s the point?).

That said, How to Eat Outside was a pleasant surprise (contrary to working on the file by the way, which involved some major fiddling). The recipes require few but flavourful ingredients and – as they are designed for occasions such as camping trips, picnics, barbecues and bonfire nights – they are either simple and quick or useful when you want to make something ahead of time. Moreover, there’s a focus on dishes that survive transport and being unrefrigerated well and can be assembled away from a kitchen – extremely helpful not only for the outdoorsy types but also for those of us who like to bring their lunch to work and find the fridges woefully overcrowded. And if you want to use the book for its intended purpose, there is no need to worry about how to go about cooking outside as it includes introductions on how to prepare meals over a campfire etc. On a side note, you’ll save on crucial food and alcohol space by taking the eBook with you.

I’ve tried out the Thai Prawn Pot Noodles and while I can’t vouch for the recipe’s performance in a thermos flask (which is the idea in the book), I found it a perfect light lunch recipe.

If you are in possession of a reading device that does the gorgeous images in the book justice, I highly recommend getting the eBook version. It will also prevent you from having to hold open the page with a handy packet of blueberries.

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