Graphic Novel Spotlight: Hostage

A guest post from Myra Soeharjono, Production Assistant at Penguin Random House.

Hostage, the latest graphic novel from highly-acclaimed cartoonist Guy Delisle, was published in English this month and several of his previous works have been reissued as ebooks too!

Christophe André is an administrator with Médecins Sans Frontières, who one night is jostled from his bed and kidnapped. Hostage recounts his story, based on André’s testimony to Delisle.

Hostage by Guy Delisle

Handcuffed to a radiator with only a thin, old mattress for comfort and his only window boarded up, André faces a gruelling trial. André starts each day confirming to himself the date and the days since his arrival, each day determined to see the next, but wondering all the while: how will I cope?

Too exhausted and confused to stay hopeful every day, his thoughts wander to hypotheticals: when will he be rescued? Why hasn’t he been rescued yet? Will he be rescued? His only diversions are mealtimes and regulated encounters with his captives. How is the rest of the world getting on?
Hostage by Guy Delisle
Delisle captures and shares the peculiar tension of a man trapped in inexplicable confinement. The distinct use of contrasting shades of blue, the empathetic detailing and sparse text makes this a striking graphic novel especially well-suited to ereaders: the claustrophobic panelling is bordered by your device’s bezel, creating a series of containers.

Delisle’s other titles, such as Pyongyang and Jerusalem, are as fascinating. Each is an insight into an often-mythologised city, the effect as if we were living there with him, filled with curiosity and cultural confusion. These graphic novels and Hostage are available on all your favourite ebook platforms.

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