How to get into Digital Publishing

Publishing is hard to get a foothold in, even when you know what you’re doing. And a lot of us don’t know what we’re doing. While there are lots of articles on the net about how to get into traditional publishing, there’s not as much about getting into the digital side of things. Until now!

Futurebook published an article, written by, er, me, about the skills and qualities publishers (not just Penguin Random House) are looking for in applicants. A lot of this is drawn from my experience as a recruiter (and applicant), but also from other colleagues in digital publishing.

I cover programs it’s good to be familiar with, ways you can prepare for a position in digital publishing, and beg people from all backgrounds to apply for jobs in the industry. Please, please apply, either to ‘increase the range of output’, or because you want to work with books.

I didn’t have the space to mention it, but being well-disposed to cakes is a plus. There are a lot of cakes, and small biscuits too.

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