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Introducing Wiretap: the first messenger app from a mainstream publisher and bestselling thriller writer, courtesy of Century and James Patterson. This free-to-access app gives readers access to a brand new Alex Cross storyline via his text and picture messages, delivered in real time over seven days.

Cross Lines, the first story to be released, is set in the aftermath of Cross Kill and serves as a link to the latest book in Patterson’s chart-topping series, The People Vs Alex Cross. Although knowledge of the series provides an enhanced reading experience, Cross Lines can be enjoyed by readers who are new to Patterson’s thrillers thanks to the inclusion of character bios and a short synopsis.

James Patterson Wiretap App Characters
As James Patterson explains, Wiretap is “a form that taps into our increasing obsession with technology” and is “a great way to generate excitement around the continuing adventures of Alex Cross.” The free stories are sent one message at a time to your phone or tablet, creating immersive and enthralling chat stories. You can even set a preferred time to receive the messages, meaning you can fit the story into the most convenient parts of your day: creating more tension as you wait for the messages to arrive, or receiving them first thing in the morning to feed your curiosity as the timer counts down to the next day’s reveal.
James Patterson Wiretap Free App Notifications
Built by Papertrell, a cloud-based digital publishing platform that specialises in reimagining literature for the digital age, Wiretap promises the nail-biting thrills of Patterson’s writing as an innovative, non-linear reading experience. The technology distributes one of the world’s biggest authors immediately into readers’ hands.

Wiretap is free and available now on iOS and Android.
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