Our Favourite eBooks of 2016: Part I

Below you’ll find some of our favourite eBooks published this year (well, not so much with Lewis’s choice). These books all make great gifts, so please peruse at your leisure, and hopefully we can illuminate a dark corner or two in your festive foraging. If you want to declaim digitally, don’t forget to consult our guide to giving eBooks as gifts (updated for 2016), and stay on your toes for part II, coming soon.

The Bumper Book of Dinosaurs Keiron Pim

KEIRON PIM’S Bumper Book of Dinosaurs (9781446477199). It’s all there in the title. It’s fixed layout and can be put on a tablet for your kids! But more importantly, yourself. Look in wonder at Masiakasaurus’ terrifying teeth! Witness Chasmosaurus’ incredible crest! Finally understand the difference between Ornithischians and Saurischians (it’s all in the pelvis)! Holy Moses, did you know that there was a herbivorous theropod, of all things, called Therizinosaurus, and it was the size of a T-Rex but had MASSIVE CLAWS? I know, right?!
Lewis Tearle, Senior Ebook Operations Coordinator

26 Grains cookbook ebook
26 Grains is a brilliant debut cookbook by Alex Hely-Hutchinson, published this September. The book shows you how to use grains to create delectable meals and porridges, all inspired by Alex’s year living in Copenhagen. The translation of the clean, stunning design from the physical edition into ebook worked really well – plus, using the ebook on my iPad, I don’t have to worry about messing up the pages whilst cooking! My favourite recipe has to be the quinoa, plum and cardamom frangipane pudding.
Odile de Caires, Complex Ebook Project Manager

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan
With the first book in his Trials of Apollo series, the myth master Rick Riordan has struck gold yet again! The hapless god-hero Apollo – cursed by his father Zeus to live as a mortal – finds himself at Camp Half-blood with no godly powers and lamentably lacking his celestial six-pack. In order to regain his godhood, Apollo has to meet new friends, face new enemies, and challenge an unseen yet ancient threat – all while bemoaning his fate in hilariously terrible haikus. Enjoy!

The Hidden Oracle Rick Riordan and How to Cook Meat Neil Rankin
Low and Slow by Neil Rankin
Want to learn how to cook the perfect steak? Or a lip-smacking brisket? Or any other number of delicious meaty mains? Neil Rankin, the former head chef at Pitt Cue Co, Smokehouse and Bad Egg, is the perfect person to show you how it’s done … Low and Slow.
*Vegetarians should not expect to find many useful recipes in this book.
Jessica Dunn, Quality Controller

Penguin Modern Poets Three cover
The Penguin Modern Poets series is a compact guide to the excitingly varied world of contemporary poetry, bringing together three different poets in every title. Your Family, Your Body (published January 2017) is volume number 3 and my favourite so far, offering a selection of powerful and often haunting poems, whose sometimes elaborate layout is fully preserved in the ebook edition.
Giulia Rossi, Quality Controller

And, arriving just on the other side of the common year:

The Bear and the Nightingale cover
The Bear and the Nightingale is a lovely fairy tale full of magic, spirits and demons. Set in the medieval “land of the Rus”, an archaic term for Russia, it tells the story of Vasya, a brave and fearless girl with the ability to see and feel the protecting guardian spirits of her home. And when evil creatures emerge from the icy forests surrounding her village, she’s the only one who can stop them.
I really enjoyed the dark and cold atmosphere, and the Russian folklore is intriguing. It’s published on the 12th of January and is a perfect read for this winter!
Micaela Cavaletto, Quality Controller

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