Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods

One of my oldest friends is a huge Terry Pratchett fan, and notable about the books in his collection is how his Pratchett books are so dog-eared they’re almost origami exercises. His edition of Small Gods, first published in 1992, is no exception.

Let’s be upfront: dog-earing isn’t the same in digital books. This is fine for me, as someone who handles books like faberge eggs, but maybe not fine for you. But but but! This new edition of the Small Gods graphic novel is so thoroughly enhanced, and overflows so abundantly with enhanced features you might not even notice. I’m not making any guarantees. You might still notice. But!

Small Gods enhanced ebook

Earlier this year Small Gods was re-released as a graphic novel with illustrations by Ray Friesen, and this is where the ebooks team at Penguin Random House came in. The digital edition of Small Gods the graphic novel is animated and brought to motion by our very own Jody Duke, who crafted bespoke animations just for this edition, making subtle adjustments to Friesen’s lively illustrations.

Small Gods graphic novel enhanced edition

Small Gods is out now on the iBooks, store – search for ‘Small Gods graphic novel’ to dodge the ole-fashioned text edition (*yawn*). For a free preview, head over to the Penguin Random House site, this bit in particular please.

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Terry Pratchett's Small Gods
A description of the enhanced ebook of Terry Pratchett's Small Gods with animations and scrolling text. This article includes a free preview of the Small Gods graphic novel. Article written by Michael Halmshaw.
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