Dan and Phil Go Outside (and onto a Futurebook awards list)

The enhanced ebook of Dan and Phil Go Outside has been shortlisted for a FutureBook award – and we couldn’t be more excited! These awards are the most prestigious in the U.K. for digital products and ebooks. The category we’ve been shortlisted for is the FutureBook Book of the Year – Children’s. Entries demonstrated innovation; design and usability; discoverability, and a strong audience connection.

In this enhanced ebook, YouTube sensations Dan and Phil chat about all the goings-on and behind-the-scenes gossip of the book. The recordings were done in-house and are completely exclusive to the ebook. It also features light animation using JavaScript and some unusual sound effects – the llama cry being a particular highlight! Reading the ebook is a humorous and interactive experience, and the reader has the option of a ‘Read Aloud’ function, allowing for different ways to engage with the text. The project was a brilliant example of collaborative work within publishing: to bring you this title our ebooks team worked with editorial, sales, and print production.

The ebook has accumulated glowing 5-star reviews on Apple – as user Alistarrr wrote, ‘This is one of the best e-books! … Having their voices guide you through the book generally made it a funnier thing to read!’ The publishing team also organised live events to promote the ebook, where Dan and Phil went on stage with an iPad specifically talking about the enhancements. Check out one of the events here, where a cup of tea almost ruins the whole event!


The winner will be announced on Friday 1st December 2017, at the FutureBook Conference in London. Whatever the outcome, we are extremely proud to be shortlisted amongst other examples of innovative digital publishing and look forward to bringing you more projects like this next year!

To buy the #DAPGO ebook, follow this link.

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